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Falling Short

by Wolfgang Paetzel

painting of rocket in the sky aiming at the woods

Directed by Edmund B. Lingan

It's Feb. 1, 2003. Space Shuttle Columbia has just disintegrated upon re-entry. What kind of person would see this horrible disaster as an opportunity? Ed and Tony. On a quest for Shuttle parts – as souvenirs or possibly to sell on eBay – the two men journey through the Piney Woods of East Texas, arguing conspiracy theories, ridiculing Nazis, dissing English literature, confessing peculiar secrets and contemplating their own failed existence.

July 20 -22, 2017

CPA Studio Theatre, UT main campus

The doors open one half hour prior to curtain.

Tickets: $15 at the door, or in advance here. Student price: $10 with a valid student ID, available at the door only.