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About us

Mission Statement

Glacity Theatre Collective is a non-profit company comprised of professional local theatre artists. The company’s mission is to provide an artistic home for professional theatre artists in the Northwest Ohio region; to provide the Toledo community with high-quality theatrical productions that reflect contemporary social concerns; and to provoke discussion and foster communication among diverse groups within our region.

What is GTC?

Shakespeare head with text saying Manufacturers of the Unexpected ExperienceWe are Glacity Theatre Collective (GTC): Toledo’s manufacturers of unexpected experiences. We are a group of theatrical wayfarers who have been walking down a road less traveled since 2007. We seek to discover and produce unusual and unexpected plays, and also to create original, one-of-a-kind performances that are pulled from our collective consciousness. We seek out new and unpredictable forms of theatrical expression. We boldly go where we have not gone before! (And we have gone to a wide range of places: from small converted spaces, to Toledo’s Peristyle Theatre, to Carnegie Hall in New York City!)

We want to take YOU with us on our next journey into the realm of the theatrically unexpected. If you are that discerning audience member who longs for a performance experience that transcends expectations, who wants to be challenged as well as entertained, who wants to revel in the unusual and unconventional, who wants to leave a theatrical production thinking “OMG! I didn’t know theatre could do THAT!!!!” – than we just may be the theatre company you have been looking for.

GTC embraces the challenge of producing controversial plays, experimenting with theatrical forms in original devised plays, and just kicking it weird style in our Junk Box variety shows. GTC thrives on the unique, the different, the unusual, the strange. Why? Because we never got the message that art should be “normal” or give people what they expect.

GTC is dedicated to the act of risking: risking something new, risking something that is out of the ordinary, risking something that stretches the boundaries of theatre. We invite you to risk with us.